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JD Edwards Enterprise One

I wasn’t really that amazed with hi-tech inventory system in a manufacturing industry. The first companies I worked with had  manual inventory counting, what made me amaze  honestly, was the last company I worked which has this computerized counting, everything that goes in and out of the warehouse had to be accounted through the use of a barcode scanner, the computer will do the rest of counting. The entire inventoriable items have barcodes in order to be accounted, besides that, any missing items will easily be determined. This requires keen attention though, a computer will not function without humans 🙂

Accounting nowadays is made easy through different accounting system or software, a company may choose those fit within their budget. Before, calculator, typewriter and ledgers were being used for accounting reports and financial statements, now, here are SAP, JD Edwards, One World and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Quickbooks, ERIC System, Peach Tree, AS400, well, those are what seem to be familiar to me. And I currently have JD Edwards with my present employer. I believe all of those software are user-friendly, you just have to learn them carefully how they function and there will be no difficulty getting whatever accounting reports you want.

So what’s your accounting software?

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