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Party Time!

Alas! The year almost ends, and we know as this happens, there are many events happening. Reunions, be it family or friends, company, school, christmas party and many more. And by the way, Christmas party has theme, and it requires specific costumes or attire to don during the event, last year we had Black & White, this year (just last night event) we had winter attire, others were wearing rocawear jeans made them real rocker although the theme was winter 8)

This year’s party was not enjoyable as last year. Famous rock band helped promote the enjoyment of the party-goers, like last year, we had Parokya ni Edgar, this year, we did not have one. We thank still the committee of the party who had come up with the idea of making the event, “Snow Wonder – A TV Holiday Party”. Oh and what a dismay I had, I waited for my turn in a photo booth, almost one hour, (except the first line we had, took us almost two hours but did not have photo), and when I had my photo’s taken, and my groupmates had their printed photos, I waited for mine to come out, pissed off! my photo wasn’t printer, arrghhhhh!!!! The printer got out of ink, grrrrr… What a waste of time! That is why, I love last year’s party than this year, photo booth of last year had no problem.

Till then,