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Safety First

We’ve discussed in our Production Operations Management or POM subject last term the Safety, and it was our report.

Great place to work with, this must always be remembered when working in a company. When working in a company, particularly in a manufacturing, one of the things to consider is the safety within the company premises. It has to be noted that everyone is subject to danger wherever he goes, and thus, safety is necessary to be implemented.

If there are some safety loopholes, it is important to continuously identify and correct any potential safety hazards in the work place.  A walk through should be conducted to recognize any potential hazards.  This can be done by two employees walking through the entire facility and listing any potential hazards.  This can be done by a safety engineer. He can work towards the prevention of accidents, incidents, and events that harm people, property, or the environment. The goal of safety engineer is to identify hazards. Once hazards are identified, he can find a means to either eliminate or reduce the exposure to losses near the hazardous elements, within the work place.

In line with this, we should always bear in mind the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS that will define and communicate each employee’s role during emergency incedents. The safety team must ensure that each employee,including executives understands what to do if an emergency event occurs. All employees should have access to a list of emergency contacts and be able to contact them during such emergency events, they must also be trained and understand how reporting should be done, under what circumstances a given contact should not be contacted. This safety program will include training in such items as building safety features, emergency exits and visibility with operational features. During fire incidents there should be persons who will lead the employees to emergency exits, better yet, the employees should be aware of the exits during this incident.

Never forget wearing safety work gloves when operating any machine or if the task requires you to do so. Do not forget it, otherwise, your ten fingers might become 9 or worse 🙁

Remeber the word safety, not only within the company but everywhere you go. Take the best care folks!

Till then.