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Cruisin Holiday

The gift certificate I received from a contest has not been used yet, I got it last second quarter of 2009, and until now, I still have it in my bag, sad, it expires on thirtieth of December twenty-ten 🙁 I don’t think I can still use it this year and try hoa cruisin is like. Is it like a canal holidays wherein passengers in a boat travel along canals and rivers, discover the hidden charms of the beautiful landscapes on a canal boat holiday like UK, enjoy the freedom that canal boats offer as they drift dreamily through unspoilt countryside, perhaps stopping off to enjoy a meal at a waterside pub. A cruisin perhaps is somehow similar to that, it is way farther and has widest range anyway.


I would like to use the gift certificate worth five thousand pesos, but how, we are not allowed to take longer off during these days of year end, that;s one of the saddest things of an Accountant, but I am not regretting being one. We will have our off on the 24th and 31st and the cruise is for three days, besides, I don’t have anyone to accompany me, I can have one but I need to pay for her 🙁 miser me doh hehehe…. I better give this gc to someone else, rather than have it expired. My Christmas and birthday present to her, I’ll have it handed to her, my friend 🙂

Till then,