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What We Missed in Wonder Island

If you want a place to stay in where you can relax and unwind, try an island in Wonder Island. Recently, we visited it with my friends. Wayne, Jen and her hubby, the four of us spent the whole day in the island swimming. Yes, swmming alone took us half the day (and I’m inconsistent), some hours were taken for having photo shoots and a lunch. We did enjoy it!

What we missed during that day was to avail of the kayak amounting to 300php. We did not rent any room, we just had country cottages which is part of the amenities to enjoy in the place.

It’s holiday time! And everyone doesn’t want to miss spending this once in a year momentous event. As I often hear, some families spend their holidays outside of their country and just have some country cottages to stay in. It’s I think a perfect place to stay during those times wherein everythins is expensive, the whole family can enjoy the time, bonding with each other and sharing moments together.

Going back to Wonder Island, I would suggest that place to my friends, it’s a perfect place for a teambuilding and company outing, it can accomodate hundreds so those small companies can hold theirs in that island. What’s exciting is that, tourists will be fetched by a yacht to the island, a five-minute travel riding a yacht to reach the island. Book your visit now!

Till then,