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Why Get Health Insurance

I had this unexpected happening in my life. My mother had incessant bleeding (like a monthly flow but blood flow is  heavier than normal). She had it for months I think, until she became pale and weak, she experienced severe headache and had a low blood. She was struggling to move during that time, until I couldn’t take it and decided accompanied her to the hospital for a check up. I had no problem then because I got them – my mother and father health insurance. No worries about the monthly amortization, it is nothing compare to having nothing at all and when something emergency happens, and you don’t have savings, you’ll be going crazy looking for money. I had her checked by an obstetrician (OB-Gyne) checked her bleeding and explained the possible cause. According to the OB mother might have a myoma causing the heavy and incessant flow. Mother had her ultrasound and found out that there is a little lump in her ovary and that is a positive myoma as per the OB, needs to be extracted from my mother’s ovary. I also accompanied her in the laboratory to have a CBC or Complet Blood Count, after an hour, we went back and got the result. Sad, mother had a very low hemoglobin – normal is 120 to 140, and she had 41 only 🙁 advised by the OB to have a blood transfusion. She did, a total of four blood bags and took her 5 days in the hospital. Afterwhich, she fully recuperated, but the myoma hasn’t been removed yet.

I am thankful that because mother has a health insurance we only paid PHILHEALTH portion of the hospital bill, thankful too that the company provides it to us. I am sure the human resources people from our company had studied numerous insurance quotes before they finally got one. Might as well get your insurance now before it’s too late.

Till then,