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I notice that I always get headache every afternoon, this has started on Monday and right at this moment as I am typing and making this post, the left part of my head aches 🙁 One reason to explain this is the room temperature we have here in the office and I don’t don any jacket the whole day, the cold temperature gets in my head and ah, it feels like I want to go to bed, rest and let the pain vanish! What a disturbia! fortunately, I am done with sales and use tax filing, otherwise, I perhaps won’t be able to finish them all.

It’s getting darker and darker outside, see, Christmas Season, and during this month, night is longer than day, I mean the darkness is longer than brightness 🙂 It’s only past five in the afternoon, and the sky looks so dark, not because rain is coming in, but because of the season. (And I have this informative post again 😛 -opposite) I can see it, I can see the sky from the outside, looking through the window covered by the venetian blinds. Made to measure venetian blinds, now I am asking this.. What is use to measure venetian blinds, is it really the length and width or the quality of the blinds?

When I went to a mall last weekend, I pass through ACE and looked for the blinds that can be used at home, I found many, but I can’t purchase yet, I need to know the exact measurement of our window. And I forgot to measure when I reached home 🙂

This is some post that is made out of headache and disturbia 🙂 Hope I wrote this well 🙁

Till then,