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Ugu Bigyan and Our Marketing Plan

We had our initial interview with Ugu Bigyan for our Marketing Management’s Marketing Plan. We’ve chosen his pottery business since it’s well known. He is a ceramic artist, does creative and artistic products made of clay, he also does tiles, soon someday perhaps he’ll also venture into glass tile making. For sure, he’ll be having more and more customers.

Aside from pottery Ugu Bigyan now opened his place for dining, visitors were those famous, some were government officials, the latest according to my friend Merjah Bigyan (Ugu Bigyan’s niece) was the US Ambassador. We’re been there in his place for our College get together, had our mini reunion and tasted how luscious Ugu’s foods were, he personally cooked them. I loved the fern! and the entire foods served. I wish we could go back there again, not just for the food but for the pot session šŸ˜€ ahahaha, for pottery I meant.

Hope we can have a high grade here šŸ™‚ wish us luck!

Till then,