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Blog Training – Drawing

Last November 2010, my PLM groupmates and I were discussing about conducting a live training about blogging. I announced this of course to the class using one of the social networks, many are interested to have their own blog. I felt excited about training them how to start their own. We agreed to do it early morning of Saturday since we don’t have our first two subjects anymore (will resume next year), unfortunately, time wanes really fast and December is almost over, the training seems a drawing now. I feel it won’t be happening 🙁 but don’t worry classmates, I am open to discussing with you how to do it, just send me sa im or pm.

You want to start your blog? You may need to decide what blog web host you should have. Then you may now think what concept, title and ingredients you will have in your blog, or you may do it the other way around. After that, the flow continues, ideas keep on coming and income keep on growing. An extra income while at home, when you find nothing to do but play with your computer and laptop.

Classmates, don’t be mad at me 🙂 I will still help you developing one, just nudge me 🙂

Till then,