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I Learned a Bokeh with GE X5

As a blogger, it is also necessary that you know a bit about photography or you know how to take photo. I do not know how 🙂 what I know is point and shoot and that’s it, so long as I have something to post in my article. And then as I am getting hooked into blogging and able to read some blogs of my fellow blogger, I envied their photography skills. I admire the photos they have in their post. But I have nothing to do but stay with what I know, besides, I am penniless to buy a DSLR.

Because I need to learn photography due to blogging and a persistent encouragement of my friend, I bought a GE X5 camera. It is actually a bridge cam and looks like SLR. I purchased it for Php9,995.00. On my first photowalk last Sunday December 12, 2010 (we were the GE X5 users), I was very eager to learn the basic photography, the first three things we learned were using the aperture, shutter speed and exposure.

What the experts taught us first was the bokeh, (weeeee, I love it). Wondering what is bokeh? Bokeh is a Japanese-oriented concept of the difference between out of focus areas of an image due to lens design, the foreground and background are blur.

I had my first try using the available subject we had on our table. See this.

bokeh knorrbokeh knorr

bokeh christmas treebokeh Christmas tree

I zoomed my camera and that is the result, can’t remember the setting.

bokeh MOA Christmas lightbokeh Chritmas light

This one was taken when my friend and I were eating in Chef de Angelo, took photos of Christmas lights around MOA.

I forgot the exact settings I used, what I can remember is that on my knorr shot, I used the lowest aperture and zero exposure, focus the subject, half pressed it, select the best dramatic area and click!

Sad to say, I was practicing to take bokeh again,unfortunately, I can’t perfect it 🙁

Till next bokeh attempt,