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A Diabetic Neighbor

We feel sorry for our neighbor who is diabetic, it is as if he wants to end his life. He never stops smoking, perhaps if  Padron is available, he would probably try this, but he smokes the local and he really really looks emaciated due to his health condition.

We had the pre-wedding preparation (for my brother) last week, a traditional wedding where ricecake and kalamay are being prepared, these foods are bad for diabetics, but he, our neigbor seized the chance of eating those – very fatty, sugary and high-cholesterol foods, so bad of him.

I shared this to my nurse roommate, she told me that diabetes will kill you, but will make the diabetic suffer first, diabetis kills first and affects the immune system. There’s no exact cure, or this disease is hard to cure, only discipline and diet is needed.

Watch what you eat, you might trigger and welcome diabetes.

Till then,