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Benefits Gained from Health Insurance

If only I can have Blue Cross Blue Shield NC to protect our health, but we only have Philhealth and Medicard 🙂 , here in PH. And I am very much thankful that these health insurance help me in my medical and dental treatment. We do pay for the monthly premium, but it is of  no huge value compare to a lump amount paid for hospitalization when you have no health insurance. It’s just like saving your money in a bank, the difference is, it is non-withdrawable and cannot be refunded if unused.

I had so many experience with health card, I paid for the annual premium, but never been used 🙂 thankful that we had not been hospitalized nor sicked, unfortunate that the money was wasted 🙁 But I still get insurance, for emergency purposes 🙂 like what had happened to me few months ago when my mother had her blood transfusion, the health insurance I gave to her was a big help and she was even took care well.

Might as well be insured than feel sorry.

Till then,