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My Christmas Wish This Year: A NOKIA C7

My fingers are tired pressing the almost wrecked keypad of my four year old phone. I envied my friends playing with their phones connecting in SM Mall of Asia wifi during lunch, my phone cannot even access the internet for free πŸ™ It has to be fully loaded with load πŸ™‚ to enable me to access internet, costly πŸ™ Oh and there’s more, I can’t enjoy travelling from and to Manila riding in a wifi Jac Liner bus, should I have a phone which is wifi-ready, I would probably be staying awake for three hours, but I can’t, the entire travel is spent sleeping, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I really wanted to have a new cellphone this year, but due to many expenditures incurred, I was and am not able to acquire one. I got my old phone October 2006, and 2010 is almost over, yet my old phone remains, low-tech huhuhu…. Despite that, I still keep it, waaaaaaaaaaaa but I still wanted to have a hi-tech and an internet ready phone, oh anyway, it’s not the technology, it’s what I want to do with it!.

Hmmmmmm, I have an idea, since I want these special features on my phone, do I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas? Definetely yes! my Christmas wish this year is a NOKIA C7, yeyyyyyy!!! There’s no harm in wishing, and I’ll be much happier if that Nokia C7 will be my present this season.

Nokia C7

I want Nokia C7, I am tired of pressing keypads, I want to experience a touch-screen phone, Nokia C7 has that. It is also beautifully crafted design, its sleek design constructed from polished steel and glass is perfect for a girl like me πŸ™‚ I love capturing moments, this is why Nokia C7 suits me, it captures high quality photos and videos using the 8 megapixel camera, its videos and imagesΒ  look sharp and vividΒ  and I can even use it in blogging, NokiaC7that’s really perfect for a blogger like me. As I have mentioned, I am a social network and tweet addict, with Nokia C7, I can enjoy those networks everywhere I go, even at the bus, staying connected wherever located, that’s really perfect!Β  And if I get tired of fbeeing, I will be regaled by music with built-in FM transmitter, with headset or out loud on the powerful Nokia mini speaker MD-9 I am satiated with those, hayyyyy. What a feeling if I also have an App and more from Ovi Store wherein I can choose from 1000 of apps including Sports Tracker including Here and now, I can easily download podcast – news, sports entertainment and more, I can have that with Nokia C7. And If I get lost, worry no more with Nokia C7, I can find the best route and get to my destination on time with Ovi maps, I can even use the Nokia bluetooth headset BH-217 for clear voice navigation while walking. What more can I say? but wish to have a Nokia C7.

I had plan of buying a new Nokia cellphone before, but because I had a more important thing to spend money with, my plan turned out plan without action. And I hope Nokia will be generous enough to grant my wish to have a Nokia C7 πŸ™‚ oh I would really love that gift. I deserve to have it πŸ˜›

My head will not be bumping in the bus’ window when I travel (dahil natutulog ako hehehe) I will be enjoying the wifi bus with Nokia C7. I will not be staring people passing by during lunch at SM Mall of Asia while my friends are enjoying mall’s wifi, I will be soon joining them enjoying the mall’s wifi. Iwill stay connected with my friends anytime, anywhere, I will never be get lost, I have a friendly navigator, I will not bring my digicam anymore, my new Nokia C7 will do the wacky wacky now (I own it now πŸ™‚ ) , know wacky wacky? its picture picture πŸ˜€

Look at my phone, it vouches that I really deserve the Nokia C7.

Motorolla L7

Thank you nuffnang and Nokia! be generous huh! πŸ™‚

Till then,