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Holiday Madness

Two more days and it’s Christmas time. People are rushing to buy gifts for their families, relatives, friends and etc. I am working nearby SM Mall of Asia, and the mall has been very busy since December 1st, especially today, I had been to grocery store and there had been lots of people around, I bumped into an American guy and he was shocked by the number of people inside the grocery store, he uttered “Oh my God”, I just grinned when I heard him.

I am sure malls too have countless customers, and I bet, most of them are paying the items bought through credit card. I watched from the news last night, for every ten costumers, nine among them are paying through credit card. Advice by a person interviewed (he actually holds a position in a credit copmany but I forgot what and who) try to avoid using credit card during this season, you may not know it, your bills will get as high as a mountain. And if you only pay the minimum amount from your bill, the interest is more likely higher, thus giving you more debt (which I normally do), people who find hard paying and settling their credit card obligation might be needing the help of J. Hass Group. Good thing my card has a lower credit limit and is max out, I can no longer purchase items in big amounts, and hopefully I can settle my whole credit card obligation next year and close it 🙂 . And probably would not register for another one, cash is good, credit is bad.

Till then,