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Dubai Residents’ New ID System (Emirates ID)

Few years back, you can easily enter one of the Middle East’s cities – Dubai UAE, freely. It is an open city and had no strict implementation of rules on getting there yet. There were lots of job oppurtinities for everyone during the early 20’s, many of our fellowmen flew and trief their luck, and their hope did not become futile, they landed jobs that give them pay, pay that helped finance their families in the Philippines. Then came a time where global economic crises hit UAE, many of our fellowmen too, had to leave the foreign land and went back home jobless. This I believe was the start of being strict in accepting foreigners. Before, you can freely visit UAE as tourist with 3 months visit visa and find job, but now, aside from shortened visa which is one month, the tourist needs to seek an authenticated letter of authorization from the embassy, allowing him or her to visit the country legally, you also need to provide your sponsor’s necessary documents, without these, you will not be allowed to fly. This happened to many of my relatives, they already had their visa, ready to fly the next day, and then the new memorandum was released, prevented them to visit UAE, money was wasted.

Emirates ID
Long Line for Emirates ID



And to eke security, Dubai requires all residents to acquire an ID, be it local or foreign. This ID must be worn all the time, an identity that must be shown all the time. According to my source, the ID life is as long as the visa life.

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