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And Now the End is Near

Few days left and it’s already 2011, new year, new beginning and new life for those who wants to maka a change. Others prepare for their new year’s resolution, I did it before, but then I realized, change in oneself should not be made during new year only, you can make it anytime of the year.

The end is near, 2011 is coming, this is what is sure to happen, our final examination for 2010-11 3rd term, it will be on January 22, and the last day of our class. OMZ, I have nothing to review but a little of notes and the e-book which makes me feel dizzy reading from my netbook, I wish I have real books to read 🙁 I must make sure that I pass the Marketing Management subject, our professor is tough, strict, and besides that, MarkMan is one of the subjects to be taken in Written Comprehensive Exam, ho ho ho, wishy wishy, keeping my fingers cross, we can do it classmates! Until the end…. Must start reviewing and studying now, otherwise – 2.5 oh no, I hate it.

Till then,