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Our Merry Christmas 2010

Despite the economic crisis, we all were able to celebrate Christ’s birth merrily and happily. As always been said, Christ Day or Christmas isn’t only about giving ang receiving gifts, it is most especially loving one another, and ooopppss not only during that day but the whole year round.

We had ours at my lola’s place in Bungoy Dolores Quezon, as always, the host is my Tiya Neneng’s family, the well-off from among my father’s siblings. A simple party with cousins, little and big ones (yiiii, and I am the eldest 🙂 ) Simple games were thrown where kids were the participants (and gifts were for kids too) Eh and by the way, since my youngest brother has already have his wife, he went along with his wife who is six months pregnant, 3 months more and expect to receive baby shower invitations from her 😛  Going back to Christmas party, it was fun! Wishing to be like this every year and all the time.

Here are some of our photos.

Till then,