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World Trade Christmas Bazaar

I failed to visit this year’s Christmas Bazaar, I like ABS-CBN’s, last year I visited World Trade (ABS CBN) Christmas Bazaar twice, saw Donita Rose and Rca Peralejo’s niece. My officemate did not falter to take a shot with Donita (hope I can post it here 😛 ) Visiting the entire stores was tiring and weary, my feet ached, more so my head, argh! And it was one of the reasons why I did not visit this year’s bazaar. I would perhaps be excited to go there if there will be tradeshow giveaways, I don’t think so.

This bazaar happens yearly, visited by everyone even those who are from far places, this causes traffic too! Super-dooper mega traffic 😛 You can fine cheap items like clothes, jewelries, home appliances and many more. Perfect for Christmas present.

I don’t have the schedule with me, which is when, my apology.

Happy holidays everyone!

Till then,