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Robtex, What is This?

I was about to log in my wordpress blog account, and perhaps I typed incorrect url that led me to bing search. The search enumerated the list of sites where my name is mentioned, there were 4 pages, the first one of course was the I Just Opine, my blog. then the RSM Bacnotan archived followed by the robtex…… Out of curiosity, I cliked the site and baffled why my blog url was mentioned there. When I cliked the site, I found the information which I screenshot below;

robtex analysis

As I was browsing it, though I technically did not understand it thorougly, it showed my alexa rank – my blog’s rank worlwide which is ranked 5M + far away from top 1 šŸ˜€ and links to my site is 21. What bewildered me more was the statement that thereĀ are two servers controlling my blog (uhm who is the other one) made me wondered why there are two (think think). RATINGS: NS on different IP networks – YES; NS delegation consistent with zone – YES; Listed in DMOZ – NO; ListedĀ in Alexa Top 100000 – NO (im at 5M+) Good WOT Rating – NO……What is NS? What is WOT? I really am not familiar with these. And out of 5 stars rating, I only got half of it, I hope someday I’ll get the 5 stars (*) (*) (*) (*) (*) More blogging for improved ranking, and high ranking means more income šŸ™‚

Till then,