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Another Work from Home Online Job

Thanks for broadcasting your new blog Ellen Joy Castel, I’ve read the sites where you gain additional income, work from home, I’ve already have accounts in some of the sites you’ve mentioned, but there’s one site that I am not familiar with, it’s the writers.ph. Abruptly after reading your article, I went to the site and registered right away. I went through initial registration, and to complete it, I had to finish the two online examinations, the first part was a correct grammar test and second part was an essay exam – 100 to 150 words, both had a 15 minutes time to finish. I finished the first exam in less than five minutes and the second was for fourteen minutes, it took me longer as I need to make sure that grammar is correct, the required words are written and there is substance. The essay was about “The person who has influenced me most”. After taking the tests, I received a confirmation, I am not approved yet, writers.ph has to review my application first, if I qualify then good, I will have another source of income, work from home.writers.ph

Enroll now too!! Be a writer forever!

Here’s the update; I received an email from writers.ph four hours aftermy registration and examination, the result is positive, I passed!! Yipee!!


Thanks writers.ph! I can’t wait to write articles for you eke my income, yipee!!

Till then,