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The Wedding

šŸ™‚ Stop thinking, it’s not going to be mine yet, there are many things to settle first and dreams to accomplish before taking the word “wedding” seriously. Ā  Every woman’s dream šŸ™‚ the feeling is truly unexplainable when a woman is asked by her man “Will you marry me?” I know it happens in most of the women who got married carrying nothing in their womb yet (you know what I mean). What a cloud nine feeling when both of the couple will wear cubic zirconia rings exchange their vows and loudly utter “YES I DO”.

The wedding is a lifetime commitment, a seven letter word that means everything for a couple. Trust, love, commitment, responsibility, respect and all are the core within. Building their dreams together and forever enriching their families.

There are many unsuccessful wedding relationships nowadays, failure is due to many reasons, and it felt sad when you know some of your friends went their marriages into this. They tried their best yet still failed, but hope there will come a time that they can still fix things and be together again. Hope this will not happen to me, to you and to my friends. Nevertheless, I salute some of my friends who have successful marriages, who despite the problems are adamant enough and stood still despite many trials, worth looking up too!

As I end this post, I wish for the word WEDDING to happen to me šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ too!! Spread the love!

Till then,