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My Farmville

I was once addicted playing farmville, it was the first thing I visited whenever I logged in my facebook account last year, the first thing I did was visiting my farmville, harvesting crops and animals, plowing land and buying trees such as bananas, orange and fig tree which was the most expensive. Hay, life with farmville, I needed to log in every four hours otherwise my crops wither. Now, I cannot even manage to visit my fv, don’t know what happens to my plants, to my livestock, to my house, to my fence πŸ˜€

Farmville is one of the games under zynga and is being played in one of today’s famous social network sites. There are many available games to play though, feeling bored, you may want to play mafia, cityville, cafeworld, fishville, yoville, Itcity and many more. I couldn’t find time to play any of those games now, I spend most of time talking to someone special and very dear to me. I will no longer be addicted for sure πŸ™‚ but thanks fv, you once rocked my world \m/ .

Till then,