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How My Vision Gets Clearer

I felt headache everyday, dizziness was with me too, couldn’t endure the aching of my eyes anymore and my vision gets blurred, that started year 2007. I was at NIPHCO then, our company nurse advised to have an eye check up, she noticed my name was always on the clinic’s log book getting headache medicine. It wasn’t good I knew, but I had no choice of easing my headache but to take medicine. Same case everyday, med cured my headache, it was only during our annual physical examination that I was able to have my eye checked. And guess what, I already had a shocking 125/100 vision. The reason for my uncurable headache. Because it was way too high, I decided to buy the prescription sun glasses oh, eye glasses I mean 🙂 so as not to feel the ache anymore. Latter part of 2007, I started wearing the eye glasses, that makes my vision clearer, it’s a secret, please don’t reveal 😛

Last June 2009, the first eye glasses I bought (that was 3k) flew away and broken, we were riding a collosus two loop coaster and I was wearing that eye glasses, expect for it to unwear from me. When I went back home from US on July 12, 2009 after a month of training, I bought another pair which I still use until now. I will no longer wear it when riding any coaster.


If you want to have a clearer vision, wear eye glasses or contact lenses, I assure you, you got the vision! 🙂

Till then,