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My Twenty Eleven

I have not mention anything about my twenty eleven, how we welcome the twenty eleven, the year of the rabbit. The totality, it was fun, we celebrated¬† the New Year’s Eve happily and welcomed it full of faith, hoping that this year would be another year of love for all of us.

Twenty ten had been a very fruitful year for me, for us, countless blessings, reaching my dreams, happiness, fulfillment and many more. Though I had to face and cope with a year end financial responsibility. Before twenty ten ended, my family needed to settle an important matter first, fortunately, we did it!

And December has many holidays the whole nation celebrates, there are numerous reunions, get together, Christmas Party, imagine the foods that are taking in, yes they are luscious, yummy, we are all aware of the risk associated with those foods. I bet you wouldn’t want to be as big as a whale and become unhealthy, with this, you would need to spend time exercising, dieting and looking for most effective diet pills to go back to a healthy you.

And I went out of topic. Anyway, I feel that my twenty eleven would be another year of challenges and sacrifices, I am ready for all of these, with faith and perseverance. I know I can, and will always!

Till then,