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First Time in North Park Pasay

I was struggling to wake this Friday, 14th of January, not because it’s the last working day but because, I really was feeling lazy rising up. It happens often 😛 As much as I wanted to wake up early and head to office like an early bird, I can’t, my eyes are hard to open, my pillows are sweetly hugging me thus keeping me sleeping. My cellphone’s alarm always has it rings more than five, it keeps on snoozing ahaha…

Enough of the lassitude  me. We normally have our lunch either at the E-com’s canteen or anywhere in Mall of Asia, today we had it at North Park, few meters away from Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Pasay Manila. Great Noodles, their tagline. The place is good, the food as well 🙂 We had fried noodles, boneless crispy chicken, dimsum chicken feet, shanghai spring roll, sweet and sour pork and beef broccoli. As I’ve said, foods are great, if you were to dine in North Park everyday of your life, you might gain weight and would someday wish natural weight loss pills to trim those excess weight and fats. For beef broccoli by the way, there was a piece of broccoli left on the plate, I got it and place on mine, turned the piece and inspected, and I found a foreign object. It’s a veggie by the way, and it’s not as bad as those foreign body found in fish and meat. Oooopps, I did not eat the piece I just got a picture of it ahehehe… see it here 🙂

North Park Pasay Beef Broccoli
North Park Pasay Beef Broccoli

Till then,