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San Pablo City’s 2011 Coco Festival

I have never ever witnessed the live Coconut Festival (Mardigras) in San Pablo City Laguna, even during my college years. Aha, I did pala, once, it was when my Alma Mater Canossa College (high school students) was the declared champion among other school participants from San Pablo. Years had passed and I’d never gone to that city again to spend longer hours of prowling except for some shopping ahehe..

This year, one of my college classmates posted a short video of the winner of Coconut Festival street dancing competition in fb. This video shows Laguna College high school students energetically dancing their ways to the championship.What a colorful costume matched with energetic dancers and an awesome choice of music,congrats! They made it!

Participants in this competition need to be light and slim, there are few who weighed above wishing to be as light and slim as their co-dancers, good thing they dance because dancing is one of the best fat burner, they will surely cut some fats in dancing, that is why I love to dance.. 🙂 Watch this clippings thanks for the owner of this video.

I apologize for the noise, they just can’t hide their pride and excitement 🙂 Congratulations LC and congrats to all the participants!

Till then,