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First Night on Twenty Eleven

We are in our third week of  January, time wanes so fast, the first month of January is about to finish. Next week, we the Accountants and Senior Accounts of CSG Group will be reporting  night time again. Our world will be turning upside down again, lunch during midnight and sleep on daytime. It makes me smile on the third day of my night duty, and everytime the sun peeks on the window covered by venetian blinds because it says, hey I am here again, am up and ready to bring you the whole day of fun.

Most of the BPO companies report during night, some of the team in ACS do the same, our team does it too, but only for a week, during month – end close. ACS (Affiliated Computer Services Inc –  Xerox Company) is a Business Process Outsourcing and IT Outsourcing and is a leader across a variety of industries and the public sector. As quoted from ACS website “Thousands of companies rely on us to help improve their processes, manage client operations and focus on their core business. By working with us and our suite of business process outsourcing services, companies can save money and improve efficiency. We offer services that range from HR outsourcing and finance BPO to IT outsourcing and customer service call centers. Whatever your business’ needs, ACS can work with you.”

Working at ACS will help you fulfill your dreams 🙂 I will not be staying here for almost two years if it isn’t. We work really as a team and achieve our goals as one. Come and work at ACS.

Till then,