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Why Am I Being Spammed?

Ignorance, I smiled everytime I see comments from an unknown reader, I approved it right away. It happened when I am still a newbie in the blogspere. Then eventually, I found out that those comments are spam and will cause virus, spyware and something that will harm the pc of anyone who access my blog. This might cause me something bad. My blog will not be visited because of those spam. Until finally, I installed the Akismet in my wordpress account. All those spammers go directly in my spam comments, to date, my Akismet caught thousands of spam comments.

So why we are being spammed? Those website owners who leave comment on your blog are badly in need of raising their page ranking in search engines, and they create a lot of links to a web. Beware of approving comments, I did several times, and one blogger reminded me that the comments on my blog are spam, thanks for the reminder! You can activare Akismet on your blog, so you won’t need to determine which comment is spam and not. Comments that are marked as spam will be held in your database to educate intelligent anti-spam plugins like Akismet. Please do check those spam because some of the comments that aren’t spam go directly to spam comments, I have done it several times as well.

Thanks Akismet for helping me with my comments. Those robots are so persistent, the do not stop spamming me 🙂

Till then,