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Dress for Success

First impression lasts. An interviewer makes an impression in just fifteen seconds looking at a candidate. With this, would you like to ruin your luck of getting the chance to be hired? Will you not be exerting some effort to win the job and position you aim and yearn? Be the best candidate, win the position, be confident, look smart, feel like the VP or CEO for some time. Dress for success!

create your own style, photos from G2000
create your own style, photos from G2000

Looking for a job is not seasonal, it happens all the time, in fact, interviewing a candidate happens everyday. And competitors are ubiquitous, there are many aspiring and competent applicants, and everyone does their best to win the job. On your first step, right in front of the company’s doorstep, be confident, dress your way to success, I mean, at a first glance of the interviewer let her feel that you are the best among others. Make sure that your attire is proper enough, look closely to the blouse or coat you will wear, check if you need some shoulder stabilizer, it sometimes looks good if a suit has it. You don’t need to be exaggerated anyway, so long as you feel comfortable with the business or corporate attire, then go. Pair your suit with  close shoe, a sandal is a no no. And I have a secret to tell you, every time I have an interview, I put coins in my shoes, they say the nervous will go away once you have coins inside your shoes. It’s only in the mind and has no scientific basis, but for me, it is very effective. Might as well try it!

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