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What a Nice Day!

Around six in the morning, I abruptly woke up, startled by the loud love song played outside, played by the neighbor. Huh, two of us in the room felt the same way, we were awaken by the music, loud music. What might be the thinking of the person who played it, it is as she lives in a province where house are distance away from one another. I’m not exaggerated, it really happened. Good things the music is soft, a love song, I think it’s a 70’s song, should the music was like a loud, noisy or those yelling music, I would probably be starting my piss and in dismay. And I know I can manage it, I still cannot forget what Ms. Neri told us when we were in college, “don’t let others manage your day”. Simple, don’t be affected by the negative vibes around. I normally rise up at eight, except today 🙂 love song made my day, I rose up before seven.

Turn negative into positive, what happened to me today was an advantage, I headed early to my appointment. And what a rocking day again, as I was heading my way to the office, rain started to fall, and I’m in my off white slacks, and now I’m stained 🙂 Thanks God for the rain, but please don’t bring us flood. Spare our fellowmen 🙂 Thanks for all the morning and the blessing.

Have a nice day everyone!

Till then