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Residence Inn by Hotel Marriott

During our onshore training last June of year 2009 in Utah, we stayed in Residence Inn by Marriott. The hotel is like your own room of course, a kitchen, living room, comfort room and a comfortable bed to sleep on. Residence Inn provide the comforts of home with an intuitive human touch, feel relaxing to the max as you spend your time in Salt Lake City. The room where I stayed has a fully-eqipped kitchen with refrigerator, oven, microwave, coffeemaker. The living room has of course a set of very comfortable sala set, may I suggest maybe they could also try having rustic furniture in there, why not?

Residence Inn by Marriott

Residence Inn Hotel is located in downtown Utah so when we had our Temple Square tour, we just had a trax ride and we were there. It’s just actually a walking distance as I’ve said, in Historic Temple, Family History Library, Gateway Mall, Capitol Theatre, the Salt lake Palace Convention Center & Energy Solutions Arena. I’ve been there!! Here’s my pictures, and wishing to go back! 🙂 When???? Now! hahaha…


I would say, my stay in Residence Inn hotel was great, everything in there was perfect, the receptionist, the foods, the amenities, wooo I love such as the tredmill and the swimming pool with spa. It’s open for every guest. I wish to go there really, again, for the second time. My five weeks stay in Salt Lake City, working of course with some prowling during weekend was very satisfactory,… I love my first time US travel, reiterating 🙂

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