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I Want in Australia Too!

Lucky or just bright? He works hard for it, I think the latter applies. I am referring here to my friend who was sent to Australia for an IT or software project, he is actually employed by one of the top IT companies here in the Philippines, and PH sent him to their counterpart in Australia for a specific project. He was sent last October 2010, spent his holidays – Christmas and New Year in Aussie (hmmm, I wonder how it feels like spending holidays in Australia, is it something like European holidays? I better ask him) he’s here in the country for about two weeks, for a vacation haha, Philippines is now his vacation country, reciprocal 😀

I told him I want to experience working in Australia too, thinking I might get or find a job that suits me, he gave me a website where I can apply AU jobs, fortunately, my luck has not came in yet. Wait, in God’s time, I know it will come, just be patient.

I am very happy for what he achieved for now, he’s a licensed Electronic Communication Engineer, one of the top students during our high school years, a bright college student who almost made it to top 10 ECE board examiners, have joined to famous IT companies, what else can I say for? I am really really proud of my professional adviser, yes, my professional adviser, he advises me what to do and what are not, those indeed are beneficial, and I never get tired seeking advice from him. I thank him for that. And I wish him all the best in his career, hope he reaches the peak 🙂 You know who you are, thank you.

Till then,