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Let’s All Be Safe

What is happening around us now? Crimes everywhere, very alarming, call for a tight safety for everyone. I am hardly watching the television, dreadful to see news being broadcast, it’s not only in the Philippines but around the globe. I am saddened and frightened at the same time, every time I heard of a crime happening. Countless people had lost their lives for unreasonable crime. Some people gets greedy, unafraid and ruthlessly killing countless lives for the sake of their own richness.

This really calls keeping our eyes with safety. Observe well and be wary of every movement around you, it’s not bad to be paranoid nowadays, it’s now a normal thing. Try to avoid going to crowded places, be conscious to all people you stumble on, observe the public vehicle like a bus before riding, when driving your own car, check all the brake rotors, make sure they are in good condition, above all, pray always, nothing is stronger than a prayer, so don’t forget to do it.

I pray that hopefully, all these soon end, and that all of us achieve the best safety. Keep praying and be safe everyone!

Till then,