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I Think I Need it…

Yes I think I need one. My Motorola L7 has been serving me for more than five years now and she’s begging me to please give her a rest 🙂 A rest? hehehe, should I buy a new phone, my L7 will be bequeathed to any of my family members, they have been waiting for it. And hopefully when I give it to them, they will take care of her the way I do, for five years or so.

I can’t live without a phone, although I am not much of a texter but still I need it, it’s just like having an office phone using Avaya Installation though you haven’t communicate that much, like I do. I have an Avaya phone at my right, yet I seldom use it 🙂 So a cellphone would be much like my office phone.

I am not techy, what I just wanted for a phone is the one that can access social networking sites like facebook, twitter, plurk and yahoomail, that would make me happier, especially if it is a wi-fi enable phone. I wanted a music phone before, then with a camera, an mp3 player, I have it from my Motorola L7 phone, but it really has run out of technology, I badly needed a phone that can access sites through wi-fi. I found some, and I want some 🙂 I’ll get soon.

Till then,