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Jobs for Nursing Graduates

Name the top courses taken by students and sure you can see BSN or Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the top 5 list. Yes, the way I see and observe BSN is one of the top courses taken by many of us, and there are many students wearing white uniforms everywhere. It just shows how countless nursing students are!

When I was just about to graduate high school, I heard from many that the best course to take during college is BSN, it was because there are many job opportunities not only locally but internationally, and it pays well! How many were attracted, the course boomed, and mind you, this course is expensive, with many laboratory fees and internship and etcetera, you cannot make it if you don’t have penny in you. Years passed, many nursing graduates successfully landed their dream jobs, others have honed their skills abroad, others are happy serving the country donning their most loved nursing scrubs, sadly, there are also some graduates who were not able to make it, not to make it pass in licensure board examination and never had a chance to wear the nursing suit. Others too were left behind, find it hard to look for a job, with the growing numbers of nursing graduates, competition to a few open opportunities becomes tighter, and this is the sad case nowadays. Our nursing graduates need job, they need to use what they have studied for four or five years, they need to practice what they learned from their respective schools and universities.

I heard others offer their services to some hospital for free or as a volunteer nurse, just to gain experience. This just indicates that we now have countless nurses. News has it that nurses are in demand in abroad, try them! Be diligent in finding one, your effort will be worth it once you land a very nice nursing job with a great compensation package. Don’t lose hope. It’s just like us, accountants who sometimes had a hard time landing a job related to the course we have taken, but see, we made it! With perseverance and diligence. You too can make it, we can make it!

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