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Learning Everthing 3

After few tries, here are my shots again, trying to learn a new craft that will benefit me and my blogging. These using my new baby GE X5.

GE X5 shotAperture Mode – bokeh

bokeh flower

Aperture Mode – bokeh

portrait GE X5Portrait Mode – bokeh

Portrait GE X5Portrait Mode – bokeh

I have yet to learn a lot with photography, and I never navigated my new baby fully yet. I wish to use it like a pro shooter. By the way, these were taken just around our home in Tiaong, Quezon.

These were also taken on the day of my father’s natal day. He’s 53 now, and during my parent’s birthday, I make sure that I throw some party for them, no matter how minute my savings is. We also at the same time threw party for our youngest adopted siblings who just turned five, and a party for my brother’s wife who turned nineteen. Our Sto Niño also turned a year old in our home. We shared few menus on the table, our neighbors were invited and shared the moments with them cheerfully. And being the man as my father is, wine was not forgotten likewise my youngest brother who invited his friends for a night shot. My brother bought wine and brpught home two wine cases, these were shared the whole night. We were already sleeping when they finished drinking.

I love to do this for my family, and I will always do it for them, incessantly.

Happy birthday Tatay, Roxanne and Totoy!

Till then,