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I Want To Shout and Get Loud!!!

I never felt this happy before, I never had imagined that I could be happier as I am now. No, it’s not about a material thing, or a salary increase that I long aimed for, it’s not about a promotion for a job well-done, it’s not about winning an expensive gadget oh how i wish, it’s more than those!

Okay okay, I can’t help it anymore, selected friends of mine know of this, I am still reluctant to share it though, but due to the elated feelings I have, I really wanted to get loud!!! holler and shout to the world how happy I am. My friend can help me tell you that, but before that, let me do it first, I’ll try my best, hope you feel it 🙂

Would you believe I only have my first boyfriend at the age of 29? It is true! And would you also believe that I have him through online? Yes its true again! And I want to tell the world that it happened because of facebook 🙂 and a common friend. We’re getting stronger as days pass, and my love for him gets deeper and deeper as I wait for him to come back here in the Philippines for a vacation from Dubai, he works there. What would be so unique in our long distance relationship is that, we manage it well, besides many topak X_X and sumpong 😛 (can’t be shunned isn’t it?), oh what’s unique? Despite being apart from each other and light years away, I got to know his family, his siblings, nephews and nieces, his dara (tita) and bapa (tito), his nanay (mother) and tatay (father), last saturday February 05, 2011 (fresh!) And I truly am very happy being able to meet them, and elated that they warmly welcomed me, this can’t be possible but it happened. I met his family first, but never have met him yet, and that’s unique. This is what I wanted to tell the world and get loud, that I am happily in loved with a man that I never personally met yet.

It’s just like the new scent and sound of Mixed by Tommy Hilfiger, wanted to get loud really.  I know, it will not just end there, I am sure we will have a happy ending, everyone awaits.

This is my first love, and I want to get loud!

Till then,