Family Life

Becoming the Master of A Home

We all look up to our father as the best, raised us as affable, well-mannered, and disciplined. It’s like they do some paternity testing before raising their own family, yet it’s innate in them, nobody literally taught them how to raise a family. And that what is amazing.

My father is not a disciplinarian type, he is more of a silent – type father, never get mad of me and my mother. For thirty-one years of being married to my mother, I have never seen them quarreling. I only not looking up to my father, but also to my mother who raise us well, my mother who is more disciplinarian than my father.

Becoming the master of a home is not an easy task. There should be patience, love, commitment, trust, fear of God and give and take relationship between the partners, otherwise, expect the hell out of the relationship. Bad. I surmise no one wanted this. Neither me.

Till then,