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What Happens to SSS Website?

I have an SSS loan which I availed when I was in Advantek Inc., it has to be paid for two years. I left Advantek and I made four payments from them. My loan is supposed to finish last January since I availed it year 2008. My current employer consistently deducting amounts of my monthly loan amortization, I asked them to stop deducting, as I believe I had paid fully the loan.

Yet, what happens to SSS? It seems something is wrong, I am complacent that my loan payments are properly recorded, until came February 02, 2011 when I noticed that my payment from Advantek is missing and that the payment posting date are dated February 02, 2011 which should not be like that. And I checked again the other day, noticed that the dates become February 06, 2011, and still, payments from Advantek is missing. I felt so pissed with the system, what’s wrong?

I decided to visit the branch at Macapagal Road here in Pasay, before I reported for work, I went to the SSS office I thought the office is just like the SSS branch that I know, but this one is different :). I entered the office and asked the security guard where to inquire about the loan, I walked through the Tile Floor and headed towards counter 5, sat, and waited for the employee to attend to my inquiry. Then after three minutes of waiting, he asked me my SSS ID, browsed SSS website, and looked at my loan. OMG, I startled upon seeing that I only have Php634.xx loan payments posted February 09, 2011, and those payments are from Advantek… Where does the ACS payments go????? I now have a huge unpaid amount, incurring interest nd penalties that are supposed not to be imposed. We’ve been paying on time! SS should not charge any penalties and interest for the late posting they make. What happens to their website? I surmise there are encoders who do not know what to do seems like they are playing with my records, posted February 02, then became February 06, and now February 09?? What a mess!! I am sure, tomorrow, the posting dates will change again. Haisssssssst…..