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Replacement Keypad for L7?

My phone, oh my phone, been with me for more than five years now. I need a keypad replacement for my L7, yet there’s nothing available πŸ™ Do you know any? The right soft smart key is lifted, needed a help of a mighty bond to fix again, just like his partner left smart key, fixed by a glue gun πŸ™‚

Motorola L7

I’ve been thinking of buying a new phone, that started last year, but because there are more important things to spend money with, new phone was set aside, up until now. But still I do want a new phone, even not that expensive, I am fine with a phone which is wi-fi enable, with camera, garmin nuvi gps, mp3 player or radio, I will be satiated with all those features, yet I really am not fond of listening music through a phone, yet it does help killing the boredom. And as a birthday gift, I want to have a new phone, I will be having it most likely this end of February. I am even more excited, my L7 will be bequeathed to oneΒ  of my family members πŸ™‚ Thanks for serving me for five years my L7. Hope you serve my family another five or more hehehe.


Till then,