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NO Smoking It’s a big no no to smoke when you are riding in any public utility vehicle, good thing our government made a rule about this, so those non-smokers will not inhale cigarette smoke. A relief for us. I remember there were a case where two of the passengers were smoking, they perhaps did not know that there is now ruling about this, a concern passenger – a man, warned them saying, “Smoking is not allowed in a jeepney Sir”, and the men threw theirs.

Many say it’s hard to quit smoking, in fact, those who try to quit get sick. My father does smoke, we keep on warning him to stop as it will really affect his health. Nobody wants to be ill, I told him, I will buy him an e-cigarette so he won’t do bad smoking again and quit, maybe I’ll try e-cigarette shop philadelphia and buy for my father. Hope he stops smoking.

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