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Wishing Beach!

I am missing the beach! The last time I went to a beach was last 2008, at White Rock in Zubic Pampanga during our company outing. After that, was nothing, and I am now wishing to swim under the heat of the sun and enjoy the blue water. Because of this, I want to try Hoseasons Talacre Beach maybe it’s more fun.

Omigosh, it’s already Thursday,  one more day and it’s Saturday, second day of our class, expect tiring classes for this term, lots of requirements, need to focus to get high grades. POM, it’s tough too, we need to make an industrial report, be it manufacturing or service. I already have company in mind. Hope they allow me. Corporate Planning, requires us to make Corporate Report, the company to be studied is the company we currently work with, and I hope ACS will allow me to do so. Tough tough tough, hope the Philippine Business Enterprise won’t be tough as those two, otherwise, good luck to the whole class. We were so laxed last term, reciprocal of it happen this term.Focus focus.

Beach, hope one day I come to see and visit you, especially Bora, oh I would love to visit Boracay, the white beach in Cebu, it’s a tourist spot. Who would not want to visit Bora anyway?

Till then,