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Dreams for Real

As I always am saying and keep on reiterating, “dream your dreams then do your best, never stop and never rest until those dreams are yours”, I do believe in that saying, thus, I keep on dreaming and taking steps to make them real. One of my dreams is to take up an MBA, my college instructor Sir Alanguilan inspired me to take this, I remember it was during my third year in college when we were having our case analysis, I asked him what did he take for him to teach, he told me he took up an AB English ungraduate course and had an MBA. That was the start for me to dream of taking up MBA, my purpose was to teach college students.

Now, it is for real, it’s in my hands now, I am now in my second to the last term of my masteral. The toughest term so far we’ve ever have, especially for Productions Operations Management 2 (POM) and Corporate Planning where we are required to do Industry Report (choose between Manufacturing and Service Industry) and Corporate Planning (for the company we currently are working with. Aside from those, we are also will be doing touch case analysis. Too much for this term I must say, sighhhhhhhh…..

We had a not so busy subjects last term except for Marketing Management, and so this term, the reciprocal 🙁 And since it’s my dream to be a certified MBA, I will have to do my best to make it real. We, together with my classmates will have to do our best, till the very end. If we succed this term, come June and will be our last term, then the comprehensive examination and case study oral defense slated on November and December respectively. If we are fortunate to pass these two, we will be happily stepping up the stage to get our diploma on April 2012! Yippe!! Hope for a positive outcome always 🙂 Help us Lord.

Till then,