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New Zealand Earthquake 02.22.2011

It was the first time I have heard of an earthquake that have shaken the New Zealand. As I was opening my mail this morning, I was shocked when I read about the 6.3 magnitude eartquake that rocked the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch, this happened early Tuesday where buildings collapsed and streets cracked. As reported, 65 died as a result of the disaster and this number still is arising.


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I felt the same quake this Tuesday morning at about ten, I was talking with my boyfriend when I felt my bed moved for 2 seconds, I peeked down below to check if my roommate was there but I found no one. I just found out that it was a real quake when one of my friends posted that she felt it too, with 5.3 magnitude. This perhaps happened when New Zealand was rocked as well. Fortunately, there was no devastation happened in the Philippines, but unfortunately and sadly, this had caused lives to death in New Zealand. Hope this does not happen again. Let us all pray.

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