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Our First Corp Plan Case

Looking at the pages of Starbucks Case Study itself makes me hard to read, how would I be able to understand the case if until now I haven’t started it yet? Reading alone will surely take me long minutes for me too fully grasp and understand what the case is all about. I hope I will be that witty to start the case analysis from the Time Context up to the Recommendation. We are four in the group anyway, unfortunately, the other one who is a guy, was not able to meet with us his group last Saturday, what shall he do?

I hope answering this case analysis and more to follow will not cause me to faint and check me with the use ecg machine that’s exaggerated. I am sure not. A mere patience, diligence and industry will surely help us. We have barely half a year to go and yes, what a feeling! Hope we all pass. God bless us, God help us with our Starbucks case.

Till then,