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We’re Using “Share It” Wireless Router by Smart Bro

Two years ago, I posted about my experience getting a unit of smart broadband, it took me one and half hour, waited for long hours just to get a single unit of smart bro, it was discounted then. Now, my unit is gone, I don’t know where it is now, or did I misplace it, or maybe, somebody took it away? I also have a Globe Tattoo, I frequently used this when my smart bro (which I openlined and inserted sun sim- the signal is stronger than smart) has gone.

smart bro share it

Thankfully, I don’t need to reload my globe number and transfer to my globe tattoo number to stay connected and surf tha net, my roommate got Smart Bro Share It for Php999.00 a month. The three of us in the room share for this amount, giving us Php350.00 each, not bad-it’s unlimited. Eunice, my roommate downloads movies simultaneously 24 hours a day, burns them afterward using my Samsung DVD writer and watches burned movies using her tv video cables. Lian, the other roommate of mine stays connected with facebook and talks with her mom in Canada anytime when she’s around. And I stay connected too blogging enumerously, reading, surfing and chatting 🙂 Smart Bro Share It is a huge help for the three of us. The mpbs is faster and there is no connection interruption. It also is within our zone only, this maybe the bad side, we cannot bring it anywhere, just in our home, it’s wee anyway. It also is tie for two years subscription. It’s more practical for me rather than spending a thousand pesos for my Globe Tattoo. 

Smart Bro Share It was launched last March 2009, it is the country’s first broadband device built to enable multiple computers in a common area, absolutely high speed, the three of us can vouch for that. We have five to six electronic gadgets that simultaneously connecting to it, our netbooks, cellphone and Itouch. So get yours now and stay connected all the time.

Till then,