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My Birthday Wish..

Few hours left for February. Time wanes so fast, come March and it’s my birthmonth! I cannot stop the clock from ticking and from reaching my natal day, oh how I wish, so that I will remain at 2x years old 😀 I’ve reached this young with God’s guidance and with my loving family around, I am so thankful that I will leave my 2x age with bountiful things and blessings and welcome another chapter of my life with wide open arms. So many challenges and more trials to face, and I am adamant to say that I can surpass them all 🙂 like what I did with the life I will leave and treasure.

My birthday wish…..not so much but a happy life with my family and special someone <3<3<3, my special someone who have made my life more colorful, who gives meaning to my life up to now and forever… My wish is on my mind, listed too in my heart, forever etch here <3.

But I appreciate someone who will give me birthday presents like a diamond tennis bracelet aha, just kidding, I am not a materialistic person, I expect no gift, I wont it since I was a kid. A simple “Happy Birthday Dhina or Dhynnes” from you is okay, I will be very happy!

Thank you my Dear Lord for blessing me with my life and for all the wonderful gift you have bestowed on me. I am truly blessed since then.

Till then,