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Tynt..who’ Update

Last week, I noticed that there had been a lot of online in my blog, I was happy of course! From previous unique weekly visitors of more than 150 went up to 802, yeyeyeyeye!! I checked my tynt or known as who’, and I saw that three images from my blog had been copied, these were the folk dances pictures, the itik-itik, subli and sayaw sa bangko.

I Just Opine

This is my third post about some picture copied from my blog, and I am thinking how can I prevent them from doing so. For now, since my blog is public, and a lot of people search on the web for school project and anything, I should perhaps accept for now that some really will be copied 🙁 I should think positive,  that I help them in this way, letting them copied some  images from my blog. Enjoy 🙂

Till then,