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We’re Growing..

November of last year, my friend encouraged me to buy a bridge cam, a GE X5 that looks like an SLR. She had to be persistent in encouring me as I did not want to buy one because I already have my Olympus digicam. And due to her persistence, I finally bought a white GE X5, money from my online job. Afterwhich, she advised me to like the group’s page called GE X5 Users and Enthusiasts in facebook. And from there, I saw the hundreds of photos taken by the mentioned camera. I don’t have regret buying a unit of that camera.

The group is growing, we’re now have one thousand two hundred plus members and from hundreds of photos posted, it now becomes seven thousand three hundred twenty two (7,322). You might get sred eyes watching all those, but mind you, you will be amazed of how GE X5 works.

I haven’t mentioned yet, but we had our photowalks, first was last December 4, 2010, it was done at SM Mall of Asia with more than twenty particpants. That was how I learned to shoot artistically may not be perfect but at least I learned. Second was at the Wildlife’s Park, it was slated January 30, 2011 my father’s birthday and I was not able to attend then. As the number of members grows, an idea of having an official T-shirt for all the members are put into action, the administration looks for a shirt logo designer from the group’s member, some submitted and posted their works, and there is no chosen design yet. This is a nice idea that will hope materialize, soon, should there be another photowalk, one shirt design will be don by the members and participants. I hope I will be able to join again.

If you are one of those who own a GE X5 camera, you may want to join GE X5 Users and Enthusiasts groub in fb and befriends members.

Till then,