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She Lost Her Acer Netbook

Our team supervisor now called SDM or Service Delivery Manager had his late birthday gift to me, he handed me amount of money to buy for a cake that we like. He usually gives cake for his team, of course, for food-lovers that we are, we like and enjoy it much, that is how generous he is! Not only is he generous but also affable. Me and Joseph walked away from office for few minutes and headed to Chocolatte (don’t know if I spelled it right :P) beside SM Hypermarket in MOA, bought a loaf of chocolate tablea worth Php260 and a six-inch choco hazelnut worth Php320, went back to the office and faced the monitor to continue our work. After an hour or two, we went to the break room and ate the chocolate cake. Thanks Mr. Arnel Casauay for the birthday present, two more celebrants this March, prepare your pennies for cakes hehe.

After our break time, went back to work, as usual, my sales and use tax routine, it’s filing week, making me busy. And at 6:30, I had my clock out.

As I was heading to the building elevator, Beautiful Monster played in my cellphone, someone was calling me, got my phone and saw my room mate’s name, received the call, I was shocked when she told me that her Acer netbook is missing :(.She used to leave it on her bed, she’s downloading movies, and today was unfortunate of her to be left by her netbook’s battery only. Upon hearing this, I abruptly asked her, how’s my cabinet? It was okay according to her. I was worried too, my important things are left in my cabinet. I hastily walked my way home,I wanted to check how it happened. I ran up to the second floor, opened the gates, opened our door, and I saw her lying on her bed, talking with her friend and telling her friend what happened. I saw some stuff cluttered. 🙁 I wish we have enough space for our belongings to keep safe, I wish we have storage Leeds to use so we don’t need to vex. We fret, the burglar might come back and get all the things we have, we need to pay extra care, we don’t want this to happen again.  Hoping and praying not to happen again. We’re thankful we are safe.

Be safe everyone.

Till then,